Mommy and Tot is a unique theme-based program that is designed to be entertaining and educational for children as well as fun for their moms (or dads). Each class has a different theme with projects, stories, snacks, music & movement that reflect the current theme. This provides the children with a well rounded program that is structured, organized and fun. The classes are different each week (or month) yet they maintain a familiar routine that is important for the children. Each class includes: Circle Time: A time to get to know one another by joining together for finger plays, poems and songs. Story Time: Enjoy hearing a story while introducing the children to the wonderful world of reading. Simple age appropriate stories that incorporate textures to feel and hands-on involvement such as lift the flaps. Arts & Crafts: Children will complete a project to take home during every class. What a feeling of accomplishment! Music and Movement: A fun opportunity to strenghten muscles and improve coordination with songs, dance and exercise. Physical activities to stimulate development that include parachute, musical instruments, bubbles, tunnel, ride- on toys and more. This is a special opportunity for quality time between parent and child. Snack: A time for socialization. A snack and drink is provided for each child. Free Play: Children can explore at their own pace while making friends and learning. Toys include blocks, stacking rings, musical toys, stuffed animals, pop up toys, puzzles and lots more. Mommy and Tot program goals Aiding in early childhood socialization The Mommy and Tot program helps babies/toddlers discover their connections to other people and build friendships by nurturing bonds between playmates. Promoting the development of physical and cognitive skills The program helps babies/toddlers develop their knowledge of the world around them through play. As children get older, continued Mommy and Tot/Canal Town Nursery School experiences help build their creativity, motor skills and social emotional skills. Building parent-child bonds The program design focuses on the bond between children and their parents, who are often the child's first playmates. This goal supports the bond of parent-child through play; which is equally as important as our goal to aid in early childhood development. When parents enter their child's world of play and imagination, the child blossoms with more confidence to explore and learn. Time spent playing with mom or dad contributes to healthy emotional development and also builds trust between parent and child. Building parent-parent bonds Most parents are looking for the opportunity not only to play with their children, but also to meet and bond with other like- minded parents. Mommy and Tot can provide this through a designated “Mommy Time”, a 20 minute period following each play session in which parents from the group are encouraged to stick around and chat. © 2018 Canal Town Nursery School
Mommy and Tot